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Bilkent Hotel started to provide health services to its guests in SPA facilities at an area of 750 m² with a comfortable and elegant environment. SPA exhibits Eastern Mysticism of Asian architecture. The features of Bilkent Hotel SPA center, which distinguishes the center from any other SPA centers, starts from the entrance of the facility. It has a totally distinguished ambiance that offers spiritual and physical services to its guests by its traditional hospitality and experienced personnel with a range of various features starting from the music system to the decoration as well as aromatic candles, lighting system and cosmetic products.
It is forbidden to use SPA Center for the children under the age of 18.

For detailed Information & Reservation: 0 312 266 34 64

E-mail: bilkentotelspa@bilkentotel.com.tr

İhsan Doğramacı Bul. No:6 06800 Bilkent/Ankara
T:+90 (312) 266 46 86 ▪ F:+90 (312) 266 46 79 info@bilkentotel.com.tr ▪ reservation@bilkentotel.com.tr

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